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The student will receive the following certifications upon completion:

  • Certificate of Course Completion from NC Dental U


Our online training program is designed to be interactive and easy to follow for dental assisting students. It provides an overview of the dental profession, dental health and disease, basic anatomy and physiology, infection control, basic dental assisting, radiology, dental materials and dental office management, all of which will prepare you to enter the dental profession. After you've completed this program, you'll be ready to pursue your pathway of certification as a dental assistant by passing the radiology and infection control portions of the Dental Assisting National Board* Exam. The exam or one or more of its components may be necessary in states where registration is required for dental assistants.  

Upon registering, you're given an initial six months to complete the program. Should you need more time, you may request a three-month extension at no additional charge.

**Students should plan to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week to complete this program in six months.

All materials are included.

For more information, please visit the website dedicated to this course at NC Dental U Live.

Course Outline:

Learn everything you need to know to start your new career as a Dental Assistant. Our course will prepare you for what it takes to work along side of dentists, orthodontists, and other oral healthcare specialists. You will receive complete step-by-step illustrated lessons that prepare you for this rewarding, in-demand career.

  1. The Dental Assisting Profession
  2. Sciences in Dentistry
  3. Oral Health and Prevention of Dental Disease
  4. Infection Control in Dentistry
  5. Occupational Health and Safety
  6. Patient Information and Assesment
  7. Front Office Procedures
  8. Disease Transmission
  9. Safety in the Dental Office
  10. Foundation of Clinical Dentistry
  11. Dental Radiology
  12. Dental Materials
  13. Assisting in Comprehensive Dental Care
  14. Dental Administration and Communication Skills
  15. Employment Strategies

For more information, please visit the website dedicated to this course at NC Dental U Live.

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