I'm a 2015 DAI Graduate of NC Dental U in Wake Forest & my teacher was Ms. Sheila. I had an incredible time in this class & learned so much information! Cannot wait to further my education in the Dental field! Thank you for providing such a great program.


"Hi, I am a recent graduate of the NC Dental U DA1 program. The program is challenging but if you put in the effort, you will be well rewarded. My instructor, Mrs. Nikki, alway was willing to make herself available outside of class for any of us that needed a little extra help. If I could offer any advice, it is to listen to your insutructor's advice and put as much time as you can into shadowing or doing your externship. I worked hard during school studying and shadowing and in the end it payed off. I was offered two jobs the day I graduated, and I am still getting calls for job interviews. I will be starting my career as a dental assistant in an oral surgeon's office very soon, making almost twice the money I was making before the program. This was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks to everyone at NC Dental U, especially my instructor, Mrs. Nikki!"
Karen O.


"Good morning, I'm Alex, I graduated from NC Dental U March of 2011. I'm currently working in my hometown of Elizabeth City, however I'm looking to move to the Morehead City/ Beaufort/ Atlantic Beach area. If you hear of any job openings will you please let me know? I would greatly appreciate it! I'm so proud to be a NC Dental U alumni, looking forward to going back and taking the class for DAII. :) Also, one of my best friends just graduated and found a great job in Raleigh!:) Thanks so much!"
-Alexandra P.


"Hello to all, I was just letting you know that I am currently working my second week at my new job as a dental assistant. I'm currently working at an oral surgeons office here in Fayetteville. I'm learning so much so far, I know that we didnt cover alot in oral surgery, but just knowing the basics has helped out so much. My book of instruments has come in very handy as well learning most of the instruments used in oral surgery. I have to say the procedures done here are very interesting. They do your basic extractions and biopsy to more complex procedures such as bone grafting, implants, ridge preservation and sinus lifts. I just wanted to thank you especially my intructors Pam and Sharma, for all the time and hard work you guys put into this program. I'm on my way to starting a great career! Thank you."
- Ashly T


"Hi. It’s Charity! I am a dental coordinator in a general practice in Cary, NC! I work up front as well as in the back! I multi-task daily! I also work as a teeth whitening specialist on the weekends in Raleigh, NC! I sell the dental whitening as well as apply it to my customers!

I learned so much in the DA1 program. I felt like the instructors were thorough and to the point! They spent a great deal of time with you and made you feel at ease. I had the book knowledge as a dental assistant as well as the hands on training that made me confident in the workplace!

My advice to future students is to study your material, feel comfortable and relax when doing your externship, and just be prepared to learn! I assure you that this is the best thing I have done for myself!

Thank you to NC Dental U!"


"It’s a challenging course but in a good way! Causes you to think for yourself and take an ACTIVE role in your career. Instructors were great!!! I was appreciative of how they made themselves available outside of class!"
-Trayci D.


"I loved the laid back atmosphere. It’s easier to learn when you feel comfortable where you're learning. I loved Sharma’s way of teaching; she gave us real-life instances instead of just reading out of a book. All of the instructors were wonderful and I’m proud to say I attended NCDU!"
-Laura P.


"I am so grateful for NC Dental U. I always wanted to go into the dental field however I could never seem to find the time between work and family...It almost seemed impossible. Then I picked up the Wake Weekly and found out about NC Dental U, their schedule made it the perfect program for me. The instructors were great as well as the atmosphere. I really learned alot in such a short time.The program was hard but well worth it. It was really easy for me to find a job and one that I love. I started out as a DA1 floater which has given me the opportunity to learn the front as well as do chair-side, and everyday I learn something new. Thanks to NC Dental U and all my instructors for making this truly a great experience as well as a rewarding one. Love and miss you guys (Sharma, Pam and Heather)."

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